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How I can help you

I have a primary care naturopathic practice with a focus on treating the immune system, and preventing chronic disease.

My goal is to look for what is causing your symptoms so you get lasting results, and to help you feel better in the meantime while we work towards that. I make my assessment using health history, physical exam, and laboratory testing to make a diagnosis, and I will recommend treatments on a scale from the least invasive to most invasive where appropriate.

Reduced Immune Function & Autoimmunity
"I keep getting sick and I can't shake it"
"My autoimmune symptoms are controlling my life, it just seems to be getting worse, I don't know what to do."
"I have warts that won't go away, I keep getting odd skin infections"

Get sick less often and support your immune system for better overall function.

Decrease the severity of autoimmune symptoms and the frequency of flares.
Lower the dose of medication you need to feel like yourself again

Feel more energized, and happier.

Fibromyalgia &
Post-Concussion Syndrome
"I'm never comfortable, my body is always aching."
"My health is controlling my life and I feel stuck."
"I'm exhausted all the time, I've lost all motivation."

Feel more energized, and get control of your life again. 

Break free from the constant achey pains, and feel motivated to get out and live your life to the fullest. 

Chronic Stress & Chronic Fatigue
"I get tired easily, I can't focus and i'm stressed out. I don't feel like myself."
"I never feel energized, I'm fed up and I feel stuck in my life. I need a break."

Re-balance your biological stress response so you can lose that stubborn weight, feel more energized and less anxious about the little things.


Learn stress management techniques to keep the effects of stress in control, and live a more relaxed life. 

Eczema &
Skin Conditions
"I'm so itchy I feel like I want to scratch my skin off."
"My skin looks so awful, I don't want other people to see it. It feels like it will never get better."

Get control of the itch so you can finally start to heal your skin.

Replenish your skin barrier to reduce or even clear eczema patches, clear fungal and bacterial infections, and kick those stubborn rashes.

Bring back a healthier looking glow to your skin

IBS & Indigestion
"I get bloated and gassy, sometimes even cramps and my bowel movements aren't right. I'm often uncomfortable."
"My stomach feels like a balloon and some foods make me feel worse."

Feel lighter and more energized after a meal,  reduce inflammation and improve symptoms of other conditions

Personalized Genetic Analysis
Have you ever noticed little quirks about yourself that affect the way your body works compared to others?
Ever noticed those same things in family members?

Unlock your potential for optimal health by understanding how your genes work.

Love Your Liver Detoxification Programs
"Is detoxification even necessary? Should I do a cleanse? " 
Maybe you have a specific condition you think might benefit from a detox program... should you do it?

I can give you the answers to these questions and guide you through natural detoxification support without getting caught in a "fad" that may be more harmful than helpful.

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